MAIN STAGE schedule*


11.45pm: The most effective non-invasive “tweakments”
What really happens when you have a ‘tweakment’ such as Botox, facial fillers, laser treatment, chemical peels or Profhilo? Our experts debate the merits and pitfalls of each treatment and reveal which deliver the best results.

12.45pm: What are Cosmeceuticals and how they work?
Unlike cosmetics, cosmeceutical skincare can penetrate the skin. That's why they're so effective but using them can be complicated. Our experts simplify the science and explain which clinical ingredients work hardest for the most pressing skin concerns.

1.45pm: Goodbye exhausted eye area
Will ultrasound and laser treatment really minimise crows feet? Can hollows be safely reversed with a filler or is Botox better for lifting the entire eye area? Our Dermatologist panel divulges what works best for their patients.

2.45pm: Hollywood smile secrets: (Live Demo)
Be it bleaching or bonding, braces or veneers our dental panel discuss all of the latest smile-improving options. Watch as they perform a live smile transformation on stage.

3.45pm: Blast the fat forever: (Live Demo)
From freezing to lasering fat cells into oblivion, Tickle Lipo to Kybella, these new fat loss options that may help when diet and exercise only do so much. Our medical experts weigh up the pros and cons of each.

4.45pm: Breast Friends Forever:
Our surgical panel discuss transformative surgical options from fat transfer to lifts, breast reductions and augmentations, and literally everything you need to know about better boobs.

Access to talks is free & allocated on first-come basis.


12.45am: Pelvic floor, prolapse and vaginal concerns
Your face is not the only place to lose collagen with age! Stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity can be treated with specific lasers. Our Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist explains how laser therapy can restructure and restore damaged tissues.

1.45: Non-invasive ways to alter nose and facial contours
(Live Demo)
Restoring lost volume and adding symmetry to the face and individual features with filler can dramatically change how the face looks. But in the wrong hands, a filler can be downright dangerous. We discuss how to avoid unwanted side effects.

14.45: Let’s get honest about the post baby body
The joys of motherhood are boundless but the effects of pregnancy on the body can be drastic. Our surgical panel discuss what really’s involved in a ‘Mommy Makeover’ and whether or not it's the best fix, or if non invasive options are as effective?

14.45: Solutions to rejuvenate the neck & jaw
Our medical experts weigh in on the most effective, non-invasive ways to smooth and tauten up this zone, from using ultrasound and radio frequency therapies to administering Botox in specific spots.

15.45 Leading dermatologist reveal their best skin treatment plans. Live Q & A with audience
They’ve over 70 years clinical experience between them, so they really know what combination of treatment, topicals and prescriptions work for turning around common skin concerns such as adult acne to eczema, pigmentation to wrinkles.

16.45 The evolution of the facelift
Our doctors and surgeons look back on how facelifting techniques have evolved from extreme surgery, weeks of downtime and questionable ‘wind tunnel’ results, to modern non-invasive options like threads, with no downtime and subtle results.

Access to talks is free & allocated on first-come basis.

*Main Stage talks may be rescheduled to different time slots.